MaxDura Anvil Covers

Adko Partners with MaxDura to offer a new line of Anvil Covers

Adko is pleased to partner with MaxDura to provide high quality Anvil Covers and other urethane products for corrugated printing and die cutting equipment. Since 1979, MaxDura International Co. has been manufacturing and supplying a series of highly reliable urethane products for corrugated printing equipment, die cutters, and other packaging machinery to meet various demands of the market.

MaxDura has engaged in this business for more than 30 years, producing the durable, accurate, easy-installed products for the variety of machines of our customers all around the world.

Maximum Duration – The unique proprietary urethane formulation can stand the harshest die cutting applications and extend the life of die cutting anvil covers to maximize rotation time.

Knuckle Lock and Lock-Bar Systems – The knuckle system and lock-bar systems make easy installation and less die cutter downtime.

Matte and Smooth Surfaces – Customize smaller diameter blankets with Matte finish to prevent ink transfer.

Anvil Covers Sized to Fit: Ward, Langston, United, Latitude/LMC, Hycorr, Apstar, McKinley, Staley, Koppers, Martin, S&S Prime, EMBA, Dong Fang, TCY, and others.

Additional sizes available for machines with Dicar Equalizer Mounts and Sun Cylinders & Grinders

Additional Urethane Accessories

Feeder Wheels – Lead Edge Feeder Wheels are available in a variety of sizes to meet specific equipment requirements. The Split Wheel Design helps make the wheel hub and feeder wheel fit each other without slipping apart. Such a design makes installation and replacement of a single wheel possible without removing the entire line of wheels. It saves time in operation and improves productivity.

No-Crush Wheels –MaxDura provides an advantages to No-Crush Wheels by providing a high coefficient of friction, excellent impact resistance and flexibility, and provides abrasion resistance. By preventing sliding of the board on the wheel MaxDura No-Crush Wheels feed the board straight and stably, while avoiding crush scars on the board.

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