ADKO will customize any product or service we offer.


Cutting Dies

Adko has been manufacturing precision cutting dies for Flat and Rotary cutting machines since 1982.  Let us customize your packaging needs.

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Printing Plates

Adko manufactures Top Quality Liquid and Sheet Photopolymer Printing Plates for the Flexographic Industry.  Let our Graphic Design team elevate your graphics today.

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Water Jet

Let our Water Jet work for you, Adko can custom cut custom parts from Steel, Aluminum, Acrylic, Granite, Plastics, Wood and Rubber. At 50,000 PSI, the Water Jet can cut thru 3” (76.2mm) Steel.

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MaxDura Anvil Covers

Adko is pleased to partner with MaxDura to provide Knuckle Locking Anvil Covers. Current molds are available for a wide range of rotary cylinders and custom molds are available upon request.

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By only using suppliers that meet our Quality First Standards and having craftsmen with a commitment to our Quality First Program we assure our customers a Quality Product.

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Rotary Die Cutting and Flexo Printing Seminars

As technology and work forces change, seminars are routinely needed to bring attention to the latest trends in the Corrugate and Flexo industry.  Reach out today to schedule an in-person seminar for your machine operators. 

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