ADKO Cutting Die facility manufactures laser-cut steel rule cutting dies for the Corrugated Industry since 1982.

If we don't have what you need we will try to help you obtain it!

The history of ADKO is one of meeting challenges with success. Opening our doors in Early 1982, the purpose of ADKO Inc. was and is to provide precision Cutting Dies and Printing Plates that meet the changing needs of the Corrugated and Flexo Printing industry.

A Die cutting Rotary Rubbering Seminar

If you are presently experiencing good quality stripping off of your die cutting process, keep up the good work. You may see something here that might apply to your application. Try new ideas that may blend with your paper, people, press, on press day.


Cutting Dies

Manufacturing Top Quality Laser Steel Rule Cutting Dies for the Corrugated Industry.

Quality Control

To reach perfection has always been the ultimate goal of the human spirit, and just like the human spirit ADKO also strives for perfection.

Printing Plates

Manufacturing Top Quality Photopolymer Printing Plates for the Flexographic Industry.

Cutting or Printing Supplies

We offer a full range of supplies to assist you with cutting die and printing plate repair & maintenance.